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Another great day of teaching a youth to fish walleyes!


  • U.S.C.G 25 Ton Masters license
  • Adult/infant CPR/AED and First Aid Certified
  • Licensed State of Wisconsin fishing guide
  • 25 years of fishing experience
  • Fully Insured

Meet Your Captain  >>

​     My name is Capt. Patrick Conger. Some of my earliest memories of fishing started back when I was only 6 years old. Sitting in the bottom of an old aluminum canoe, we would fish for bluegills, patiently waiting for that bobber to break the surface. We would do this for 8 to 10 days every summer, as bluegills were all we knew how to catch. At age 16, I had finally caught my first walleye, and from then on I've been hooked. 

      Today as a Wisconsin fishing guide, I currently spend 100 + days a year fishing walleyes. I have taken great pride In teaching others all that I have learned throughout the years. Whether you're a seasoned fishing veteran or this being your first fishing experience, I will do my best to teach and make it a safe and fullfilling trip for everyone involved. Being a father of three, I especially take pride in teaching our youth how to fish. Some of my most memorable days on the water have been watching my children catch their first walleye. That being said, youth are always welcomed on our guided trips.

 Seasons >>    

      My fishing guide season usually starts around the last week in February, fishing Wisconsins many walleye rivers such as the Fox River, Wisconsin River, and even the Rock River. Most of the fishing this time will be either jigging or casting. This is a great time to catch that fish of a lifetime with 100 fish days possible!

      As the waters warm and the spawn is nearing its end, my guide trips start shifting from the rivers into The Bay of Green Bay and the lakes of the Winnebago system. This time of year is legendary for great catches of walleye where 20-40 fish days are common. Here trolling will be the go to method for high number fish days. This great bite will go all the way through summer into early fall.

     When the water starts to cool in late October into November, this is when I start to fish Little Bay De Noc in the UP of Michigan. Most of this fishing will be done at night. Cool nights and colder water temps. lead to some of the biggest, hungriest fish of the season. If your looking for another chance at the biggest fish of your life, this is the time of year to find it!!


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